Job Posting Portal

What is Focus|Talent?

Focus|Talent is Kentucky’s new job posting portal available free to employers. It offers employers quick and easy access to a large repository of relevant talent and allows employers to post job advertisements and search for resumes.

Employers may upload an existing description or use the Focus|Talent Job Post Wizard to build the description with a skills questionnaire. Resumes will automatically be matched to the job.

Focus|Talent allows employers to search Kentucky’s new Focus|Career resume bank. The employer can save the search and be notified of new resumes that match their posting via e-mail.

What are the benefits of Focus|Talent for employers?

Unlike traditional job-match systems, the Focus Talent/Career job-match system casts a much wider net to find the skills your job requires. Employers will no longer receive job matches only for the most qualified candidates, but also for those candidates who possess some, but not all, of the skills requested. Candidates are ranked from 1 to 5 stars based on how well they qualify for your job.

Focus|Talent gives the employer greater flexibility in assessing job candidates and their potential for both short and long-term business needs.

Focus|Talent “thinks outside the box” for employers. It learns the job description and requirements employers specify then matches resumes by comprehensively reviewing the skills, education, work experiences, military experience and volunteer activities of candidates with all or some of those qualifications. It also considers typical patterns of career and hiring progressions, as well as former positions candidates have held, to offer the greatest number of candidates to employers and the greatest number of opportunities to job seekers.

As job seekers enter their resumes, the Focus Talent/Career job-match system builds a detailed database of the skills they can provide to meet the needs of local/regional employers. The database supports a variety of self service employer-operated functionalities, including:

  • Automated job seeker referrals based on a saved set of employer requirements
  • Intelligent searching, which enables employers to search directly from free text job descriptions
  • Quick job posting, as simple as submitting a free-text job description
  • A job posting writer that is simple and easy-to-use that analyzes basic job information and asks the employer a series of questions to elicit duties, qualifications and requirements in order to create more effective job postings

To get started, go to Focus|Talent™