If you need hands-on help

If you are unemployed please consider

Step 1: Register in Focus|Career

Step 2: File your initial unemployment claim

Step 3: If you need hands-on help
Whatever your needs are, our Kentucky Career Centers have everything you need to get started: computers with Internet access, resume-preparation software, printers, telephones, copiers, fax machines, tutorials, and access to job listings. And they’re all available at no charge.

Among the services we offer job seekers:

  • Filing unemployment claims over the Internet
  • Registering yourself as a job seeker
  • Counseling, assistive technology and other services for people with disabilities (see our Vocational Services for more information)
  • Assistance on preparing a resume and interviewing
  • Resources to help you identify interests and skills
  • Computer skills training
  • Skill level testing in typing, data entry, 10-key, spelling, grammar, and math
  • Self-directed or staff-assisted job search within statewide and national job listings

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